Monday, May 14, 2012

Reflections on a first Mother's Day

Yesterday I celebrated my first Mother's Day. My Mom, Hannah and I went to Red Lobster for lunch.

It was a nice time to reflect on how lucky I am to be my Mother's daughter and how lucky I am to be Mother to Hannah. It also made me realize how much closer to my Mom I've become since Hannah was born and I became a mother myself - probably because once again I am seeking her advice.

After post-secondary school when I moved out, I didn't really "need" my Mom. After a year in the working world, paying your own bills and living on your own, you don't really inquire and check in with your Mom to see what shoes you should wear out to the bar, or how long is an acceptable amount of time for the guy you are dating to text you back. When it comes to life, it seems like your Mom has stopped being the person you go to and your friends are the wise ones when you have problems that need to be solved.

But as soon as Hannah started to grow and move in my belly, I was all questions with my Mom. Apparently I got some just desserts - when my Mom was pregnant with me I wouldn't stop kicking her ribcage. Hannah was the same way in the womb. I hated to nap, but was quite content in my stroller soaking everything in. Hannah also hates to nap for fear of missing out on anything.

I'm also very lucky in that my Mom only gives me advice when I seek it. I was formula-fed. My Mom supported my breastfeeding Hannah, and I know she will stand behind all my decisions even if she would do (or did do) things differently. My Mom has definitely eased my transition into becoming a Mom. And I am sure she will remain steadfast even into Hannah's teenage years, where I am sure to receive even MORE just desserts.

I hope all the Moms out there had a great Mother's Day! It's the cherry on top - to be recognized for doing the best job in the world.

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