Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Playful Grounds

Yesterday Hannah, Chris and I met my friend Dave for lunch on College Street. It was Hannah's first "downtown" experience, but it was catered mainly to her.

Dave was nice enough to let me know of a place called Playful Grounds (605 College Street (near Clinton)) - it's a great cafe that welcomes babies and children with open arms. There's a nice big play area, lots of high chairs and booster seats and thankfully OTHER BABIES! When Hannah cried no one stared at us. When other babies cried we didn't stare at them. It was so nice to go out and be in a pro-baby environment. On my birthday we went to Red Lobster and after we were seated, a couple actually asked to be moved so they wouldn't be near us. That's fine, it's their night out too, but they didn't need to give us the death stare. Hannah wasn't even crying! Therefore at Playful Grounds it was so nice to sit in a comfy cafe and not feel ostracised, but welcomed, by other patrons.

Everyone was really friendly (owners and fellow parents/caregivers alike) and there were babies at different ages and stages. It's nice to see how far Hannah has come by looking at the brand new babies, and it's exciting to see where headed by looking at toddlers who could run around.

The cafe offers sandwiches, salads, pizzas and more. I had the Grilled Cheese and Playful Grounds salad for $6. The sandwich was cheesy, toasted to perfection and the salad was delicious (and I'm not a fan of salads). You can view the menu here.

They also host numerous free workshops for parents. I signed up for the Baby Massage later this month!

To learn more about Playful Grounds, check out their website at

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