Thursday, May 24, 2012

The La-Z-Boy High Chair

Of course, La-Z-Boy doesn't make a baby high chair.

Or do they? No, Google confirms they do not.

But Hannah has the next big thing. Her green, Winnie-the-Pooh high chair from Safety 1st reclines, so infants can sit in the high chair before they can sit up by themselves.

Hannah is in love with her high chair. Chris and I have started to eat our meals at the table with Hannah in her chair so she gets used to "mealtime", and of course, to not exclude her while we dine.

Since she's not using the tray for anything yet, she's taken to putting her feet up on it to relax while her parents stuff their faces.

Chris and I have also started to feed her bottles in the chair. And it's handy to put her in when I need to work on something at the table, she's right by my side.

So, while I can't tell you whether or not it's actually good for EATING (hmm, future post?), it's pretty much great for everything else. It's on wheels, so if the set-up of our dining room/living room was different it would be quite easy to move around. And although it does fold up, it still takes up some space in its storage position.

The Safety 1st Deluxe Adaptable High Chair retails for $139.99 at Sears.


  1. This post needs a picture of her with her feet up! :)

  2. Oh... and if you're looking for a high chair that's good for taking to other people's houses or if you find you need more room in your eating area or whatever, this is what we use: (they also have a pink version)

    It goes on sale fairly regularly at BRU (for $30 instead of $50) and it's great because it's small, they can sit right at the table with you, and it'll grow with them right up until they're okay to sit on the chair by themselves. We got one for my parents' house since we're there so often but it also travels well when we need to take it with us. I think there are others designed for travel that are available, but I can only vouch for this one - some of them look sort of flimsy to me.

  3. I've added a photo now!

    My Mom is going to buy something like you mention for her place...I think she's waiting until Hannah has full head control, or a sale (as you've mentioned!) Great to know we are on the right track :)


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