Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Four Month Check-Up

Yesterday Hannah went to see her pediatrician for her four month check-up.

As Chris remarked, it's hard to believe we last saw the doctor half her lifetime ago at two months. It's also hard to believe how much difference two months can make.

Hannah rolls on to her stomach now, has found her thumb, coos her vowels quite loudly and smiles until the cows come home. She also enjoys blowing bubbles with her drool and I enjoy buzzing my lips back at her. She loves grabbing her toes, and grabbing on to Mommy's (and other people's) hair. She's very alert and quietly soaks in all new surroundings. I'm pretty lucky - she only cries when she wants to be feed or if she's overtired and won't settle to sleep. And speaking of sleep, she usually wakes only once at night to be fed.

Since she's a little older, at this doctors visit she also wailed a lot louder when it came time for the shots. Needles are my least favourite thing in the world (even after being pregnant and having to give a lot of blood, go through many IVs and get some shots). So when she started to cry, my eyes watered a little too. Thank goodness Chris was there to hold her knees, I was so shaky I probably wouldn't have been able to do it.

It's amazing how much she's grown. I'm sure every parent goes through this. Whenever it's her "month" birthday, I try to go through the clothes that no longer fit her (packing them away for safe keeping) and crack the new, bigger ones out of her closest. And since summer has appeared in May in Toronto I had a lot to sort through seasonally as well. She's grown 5 inches in 4 months and has gained 7.5 lbs since birth.

We got the go ahead to start her on solid foods, so here comes yet another, exciting stage that is the journey of raising a child.

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