Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby DVDs - the Good and the Interesting

As I mentioned in a previous post, becoming a mom has renewed my love of Sesame Street.

I've tried not to buy Hannah too many Sesame Street DVDs, but so far I have purchased Big Elmo Fun, Elmo in Grouchland, Elmo's World: The Street We Live On and Let's Eat! Funny Food Songs - all of which were relatively inexpensive at Walmart ($5-$10). Save Elmo in Grouchland (which is a movie), the DVDs are clips already shown on Sesame Street grouped together with a common theme. So you know upfront what it is you're buying to watch.

For her three month birthday Chris bought her a Baby HaHa Music Video Adventures DVD from the TIFF store downtown, for around $10. I haven't watched an actual Baby Einstein DVD but I would imagine it is quite similar from clips I've seen on YouTube.

A CGI baby (or sometimes multiple babies) in just a diaper dances and sings with CGI farm yard animals to the classics. It was a lot different from the Sesame Street DVDs I'm used to. But Hannah seemed to like it, and certain songs even kept the attention of our cat Booyah. And I did like singing along with the subtitles to Hannah and the DVD did jog my memory as to some of the lyrics. In all, it's an OK DVD. I just found it interesting...maybe next time Chris will watch with Hannah and feel forced to sing!

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