Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Renewed Love for Sesame Street

Every weekday at 10 a.m. (if I'm home) I automatically turn to PBS to watch Sesame Street.

About a month ago I found it by chance and Hannah saw Elmo and got really excited. This made me really happy as Elmo has always been a favourite. Watching her watch him, my love for the furry red monster was reignited.

So now, even if Hannah is already having her morning nap, I uh, tune in anyway. Without her.

Sesame Street is amazing on so many levels. When I was little I assumed the skits and segments were written with me in mind. As an adult, I realize the skits and segments are also fashioned in a way to entertain parents and caregivers of young children. I know that many children's movies are written with adults in mind - but a lot of them only have over arching lessons and don't directly teach numbers, letters or the meaning of words. Sesame Street does all of this and more.

One day I decided to YouTube the 12 And Pinball Animation as the song was in my head, and I realized Sesame Street had uploaded a bunch of classics from my childhood. I've spent hours since looking them up and watching them. When Hannah is a little older and it becomes easier for her to focus on my MacBook I'll show her too.

For now, I'll just enjoy reading her Sesame Street books, playing with her and her stuffed Elmo, and tuning in every weekday morning at 10 so we can watch together. If she's awake.

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