Saturday, April 28, 2012

Migraine Mommy = Colicky Baby?

The thing I miss most about being pregnant is lack of migraines.

I started suffering migraines in 2010. They came on quite suddenly, and the two neurologists I've seen have no idea why I have the neurological deficits I do. (My face, right arm and right leg often go numb in addition to a 12 hour headache, feeling dizzy and having nausea).

Because migraines are genetic, I was and continue to be very worried that I could pass them on to my daughter. It also doesn't help that her father had migraines when he was a child.

However a new study presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 64th Annual Meeting this week gives me a little hope that Hannah might not suffer migraines like her parents.

The general findings from the report done by the Headache Center at the University of California, San Francisco according to an article from Medical News Today:

"The researchers looked at more than 150 mothers and their babies, and colic was reported by questions the scientists developed - using standard criteria for identifying colic. Twenty nine percent of infants had colic when mothers had a history of migraines, whereas only eleven percent of babies had colic when their mothers didn't have migraines."

Thankfully Hannah does not have colic. However, I didn't have colic as a baby either, so perhaps Hannah will still be like me and suffer from migraines when she's older. Regardless, I'm still glad she's made it through the first potential sign with no indication that she will.

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