Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hannah's Pick of the Month - Infantino Peek-a-Boo Rattle

Since I've wrote about some of my favourite items, I think it's only fair I dedicate one post a month to something Hannah really loves.

This month it's her Bug.  It's commercial name is Infantino Peek-a-Boo Rattle. We never leave home without it.

She loves to just stare at it. She also likes to grab it and hold it. And it's even the first toy she put in her mouth! It entertains her for minutes on end. It also has a neat ring/clip-on thing so I can hang it off her stroller or car seat and it keeps her entertained - the different patterns make it interesting to look at, she smiles at it so much. It's been great to have when we are out and about, and it passed the ultimate test - while in the car she started to cry, I reached around to give her the Bug and she instantly calmed down! Nothing else I've come across yet has been able to do that. It's pretty amazing that when she cries just showing her the Bug or shaking it (as it is a rattle) soothes her.

At first I thought it was a pretty ugly toy when she got it as one of her Easter gifts from my Mom (I also found it slightly creepy that the head moves up to show a mirror, hence the "Peek-a-Boo" name). But now I'm so happy and very thankful to have it. For a toy that's so small and doesn't require batteries, it truly is amazing.

The Infantino Peek-A-Boo Rattle retails for $6.99 at Babies R Us.

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