Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fellow Moms - Better Than Any Baby Book

Today Hannah and I met one of my coworkers and her baby at the mall. It was SO nice to walk around with another Mom and therefore another stroller and at times, another fussy baby. 

Sometimes as a new Mom I feel "alone" - not lonely, but alone. Many of my good friends are engaged/married/planning on having kids but are not quite there yet. Most of my friends are beyond understanding and super supportive, but I don't want to a) bore them with baby stories and b) ask them for advice on things they have yet to experience.

With a fellow Mom and baby there's an instant camaraderie. Because my coworkers' baby is older she has already been a wealth of information and support. With her telling me baby stories I am gaining knowledge about milestones Hannah has yet to reach. Sometimes it's nice to hear someone else has had the same type of feelings as you and knows EXACTLY what you are going through. Plus other Moms you know give it to you straight - there's no flowering of issues which is normally what happens in books and on websites about raising a child.

In the here and now I am so grateful to know/have people who are going through the exact same ordeals. Day in, day out.

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