Thursday, March 29, 2012

She's here!

In this VERY late breaking post, my daughter arrived via emergency c-section on January 28. I went to the hospital with irregular bleeding, got induced, had my water broken and pushed for over an hour WITHOUT an epidural until it was decided the baby would not engage. The c-section wasn't so bad and recovery wasn't too bad either. Now I have a zipper for my next baby (if I am blessed enough to give little Hannah a brother or a sister some day...).

She turned two months old yesterday and is healthy, happy and completely adorable!

Now that things have slowed down slightly and my boyfriend and I are adjusting to our new parental roles I will try to update my blog more frequently. There are already a lot of items I wouldn't be able to live without AND there are some I have found to be so useless I wish Babies R Us would take them off the shelves.

So please stay tuned! I promise to be a better blogger!

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