Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breastfeeding - The Hand Pump Experience

Hannah latched on to my boob as soon as we hit the recovery room. The nurses were impressed with how quickly she latched on and she sucks quite well. It was me, someone years and not days old, who was slow to pick up on the steps of the breastfeeding dance.

It took awhile for my milk to come in, and even when it did it wasn't enough for my baby to gain enough weight for my pediatrician to feel like she was making real progress. My boyfriend and I made a trip to a lactation consultant at Sunnybrook (where I gave birth) to get some more tips. Lisa was great. She showed us a few new positions and let us know it was OK than Hannah and I were off to a slower start. Breastfeeding seems so easy when you watch videos and read books, but it's actually quite difficult and it's understandable why a lot of moms quickly give up on it all together.

Unfortunately even after the visit to the lactation consultant, Hannah still wasn't gaining enough weight. Part of her pediatrician's solution was for me to pump, and we eventually had to add some formula into the mix too.

Before I gave birth I purchased a Tommee Tippee hand pump for upwards of $50 plus tax. It did not work. I just don't think the Tommee Tippee hand pump fits every breast equally.

On a whim my boyfriend purchased the Life Brand hand pump from Shoppers Drug Mart. It was around $30 plus tax and it works like a charm! It's definitely nothing fancy - but I think that's why it works for any woman's boob (at least it does for mine!). And because it's so simple, it super straight forward to use AND clean!

These days Hannah is still supplemented with formula from the bottle and I still try to breastfeed her a few feedings per day. I like the bonding time so I haven't pumped in a while, but I highly recommend the Life Brand hand pump for other moms!

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